Fatherhood is essential to the Kingdom. It is an end-time purpose of God
to prophetically turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts
of the children to the fathers. Fathers are those who care, help, assist, and
lead in accountability by example. The purpose of a father's caring, helping,
assistance and leadership through relationship is to bring his sons to a place
where they become fathers. The father provides resources that equip the son
to go further in accomplishing more in their joint endeavor ... the Kingdom of
God ... than he would be able to accomplish by himself. Fathers are committed
to their sons just as the sons are committed to the fathers. The basis of the
relationship is love and service.
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Who We Are

                 DR. ROBERT LEMON

The heart of the ministry is to create an environment where Godly kingdom relationships may prosper to the glory of the Father of our Lord Jesus, by promoting responsible relationships between mature ministers of God who will personally bring younger men and women of God to a place of maturity.

Harvest Fire International

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